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Info and shit.

Special Peoplezz

:iconthe-rmickey: Is just... I don't even have the words for it! She's amazing!

:icondoctorjester: Is one of those another amazing persons... Why do I need reasons for everything? O.o

:iconcinyu: Made the bases for the icons I make!

:iconangedecristal: Makes all these beautiful icons! *0*

:iconshinra100: Is always there for me!

:iconyumeonii: Made beautiful art of my oc's!

:iconyoukah: Is just a total sweetcake and so adorable :3 Princess Kenny fans for life! X3

:iconnionai: Is a total sweetcake :3

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Best Art

More Eye Practice by DUSKvsDAWNEye Practice by DUSKvsDAWN
Pewdiepie by DUSKvsDAWN
I'll Protect You - Part 1 - Siwon X ReaderYou were walking your way home, late at night. Work lasted way longer than you planned and got off at 10. You made yourself a deal once you got home you would take a shower and head straight to bed. Walking around that much in the office and no airco wasn't really that great with this weather.
There was a group of men on the other side of the street. They were usually there. You always tried to ignore them and eventhough they kept yelling things at you actually after some times they would leave you alone.
Not this time though.
"Hey, there delicious! Where are you going?" One of the men yelled at you, clearly thinking he's cool in front of his friends.
You ignore him and walk on.
"Hey bitch! I asked you something!" The man yelled in a much more frustrated voice this time, almost angry.
"Hey there babe! My friend over here asked you something!" Another man yells.
You decide to not pay any attention to them but you start to feel tense though. They pass the street and stand around you in a
I'll Protect You - Part 2 - Siwon X Reader"Sure... Hey, don't tell me you're still scared are you?" He says with a playful smirk.
"N-no... It's just... Well, whatever. Let's get inside." You say as you open your door and let him in.
As he walks in he takes off his shoes and closes the door behind you.
"Oh sweetheart, you don't have to take off your shoes here..."
"I'm used to it... So... Yeah..." He says as he puts them next to some other random shoes of yours in the hallway.
"Would you like something to drink?" You ask as you walk to the kitchen.
He follows you and stays at the door opening.
"I'd like some water please."
"Sure, no problem. Hey, you don't have to just stand there... Go to the living room and sit down! I'll make some tea, I'll be right there."
"Uhm... Ok..." He says with hestitation as he walks over to your living room and sits down on the couch.
From the kitchen you can see he feels a bit uncomfortable and looks around alot. He starts fumbling with one of the pillows.
"Sorry, it's probably not what you're used

Hey There Sexy... - Donghae X ReaderTonight we will be performing in a club. We go backstage and Yesung walks back to the bar to get us some drinks. Not much later he returns with 2 trays. We are all quite surprised nothing got knocked over in the meantime. I take my drink and decide to explore the club a bit more, since there is like an hour wait left. Hyukkie asks if he can come along, but I make up an excuse so he won’t. Because when we got here and walked backstage, I saw this amazing girl and I wanted to know more about her.
I walk around and keep looking, but she is nowhere to be seen. Then I bump into someone.
“Hey, watch where you’re walk-“
I can’t finish my line. That was the girl I was looking for. Coincidence, or destiny?
“I’m so sorry!” She says as she bows to apologize. She bows? Oh wow.
“No, I should be sorry, for being so rude and…”
“Haha, it’s completely fine! So… Uhm… What brings you here?”
“You don
I Miss You - Henry X Reader (HAPPY B-DAY MOCHI!)I hear my doorbell ring and run down the stairs to open the door. When I do so I see an almost crying Henry in front of my nose. I pull him inside and hug him, not even asking what's going on. He hugs me back, tears rolling down his cheeks. After he's calmed down and bit and sit him down on the couch with a glass of water, I sit down next to him. I look him up and down. He's still a bit shaky, his eyes look red and it seems like I see a blush on his cheeks. What's going on?
"Hey, what's wrong?" I ask as I hug him.
"I... I have auditioned for SM Entertainment as you know, so did Mimi... And we... Both got accepted..."
"Why are you crying then?! That's great news!"
"It is not! We will have to go to Seoul, which is so far away, and we have to leave tomorrow..."
"Tomorrow? That fast? Oh geez... Where's Mimi then?"
"He said he would come visit you tomorrow, had some stuff to do... Well, so do I since I have to pack my bags."
"Oh... So... You gotta go now?"
"I'm sorry, there's just too much

Marisa Kirisame by DUSKvsDAWN

Some rules

:bulletpink: Dont ask for points, only friends get them.
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:bulletblue: Don't ask me to watch you or fav anything.
:bulletred: don't ask me for commissions here, NOTE ME.
:bulletgreen: Don't be rude, you're getting blocked and reported.
:bulletorange: Hurt my friends, I'm hurting you. Karma's a bitch.


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